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The Reefs & Wrecks of Micronesia

What:    LiDAR and SONAR scan a section of coral reef,  the Lelu site, and the Leonora shipwreck on Kosrae, (and) the famous WWII shipwrecks at Truk Lagoon

Where:   Kosrae and Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia

When:   October-November 2012

Who:      Knowledgewell, McKim & Creed, OceanEarth.org, HDR, Parsons, R2 Sonic

Why:  The reefs of Kosrae are unique in the world.  They are not only healthy, they are also growing!  We want to aid the scientists in understanding this phenomenon with the aid of 3D computer models.

The wrecks of Truk Lagoon represent the sole source of revenue for the island of Chuuk.  There is also some risk of a large oil spill from the wrecks as they deteriorate.  At the invitation of the Governor and first lady an AIR team will be the first to create 3D models of a select group of wrecks.

The reefs of Kosrae

Kosrae is known as, “The Island of the Sleeping Lady,” Can you see her?

Computer Model of Kosrae

Truk Lagoon is littered with 50 odd shipwrecks from WWII

Truk Lagoon is a graveyard for many Japanese casualties