What We Do

Adventures in Rediscovery helps people who want to understand, preserve, and share something important to them.

We think we’re part Indiana Jones, part NASA and part National Geographic. We love to get people excited about how technology can be used to preserve and better understand something they care about, whether that’s a moai on Easter Island, a coral reef in Micronesia or a bat cave near the Grand Canyon.

Pete showing Marco the laser scanner on Rapa Nui

How does AIR work? Our teams hit the ground with expertise and technology to document what’s there. Our methods make rediscoveries possible by seeing objects in new ways and bringing to life subjects that are both visible and invisible. This makes important sites and artifacts available for preservation, research and analysis. We make rediscoveries broadly accessible to others by sharing our work along the way.

Rediscovered project sites and their rediscovered stories and histories provide compelling subject matter, characters and incredible visuals. We translate these projects into feature stories, social network content and documentary films.