What We Care About

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We believe in sharing what we learn, and contributing to communities where we work. And shining bright lights on others whenever possible. Pete started us down this path when he witnessed the effect his 3D models had on researchers and local school kids on Easter Island.

Rediscovery  We all know that almost all natural and manmade structures will eventually degrade or be destroyed. Many sites are in harm’s way (e.g., Buddhas in Bamiyan Valley, Wall Arch in Utah, shrines in Timbuktu). We look at objects in new ways and bring life to subjects that are both visible and invisible.   We care about learning and re-telling the stories of rediscovery.

Healthy Environment  Bats. Sure we like bats fine, they eat mosquitos so they’re OK in our book. But taking a larger viewpoint, bats, butterflies and honeybees are canaries in our collective coal mine. Bad things happen to the rest of biodiversity when these little guys disappear. So we’re happy to do what we can to better understand how to keep bats safe from white nose syndrome.  (Speaking of bats, this Bat Billboard project is one of the coolest museum exhibits we saw all last year).

Beauty  We enjoy the outdoors and believe in the power of nature to restore whatever zen-ness we’re all after. It’s part of the reason why we started AIR — to be helping preserve incredible things outdoors. Here is a brief news item on the health benefits of being outdoors. Please note that we’re not completely granola, we also find awe in gorgeous manmade things like the Notre Dame and Monet’s Blue Water Lilies.

And we’re nuts for hummingbirds.