The Team

Pete Kelsey  Technologist, Joy Crammer

Arbitrary Facts

  • Attempted to graduate from the University of Iowa, twice
  • US Army Veteran
  • Member National, The Explorers Club
  • Member, Pacific Islands Research Institute
  • Member, National Speleological Society
  • PADI Certified Enriched Air Diver
  • Former guitar player in 80’s heavy metal bands

For over 20 years I have been working with technologies that measure, model, visualize, analyze and simulate. I have been a full-time employee at Autodesk, Inc. since 2006. My job, which I love, allows me to interact with people, technology and projects that can be challenging, fascinating and even personally moving. It exposes me to workflows that applied as designed change the world.

Possessing an insatiable curiosity and a love of free-form, no-rules creativity, AIR is the vehicle that in my spare time allows me to dream up unique ways to apply these workflows and to share my knowledge and the data we gather with people and places that need it badly. That’s the hook for me, to use my skills for good. To document something precious to someone’s culture, to their home, to their history. If we are really lucky, along the way we change someone’s life. The icing on the cake is to share these amazing stories of learning, adventure and rediscovery with a broad audience. So grab your gear or log in . . . and join us as we head out to the far corners of the earth to combine storytelling and technology to rediscover fascinating cultures, history and artifacts.

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Colleen Rubart Storyteller, tapper and mapper

Arbitrary Facts

  • University of Washington grad, twice
  • Never met a squirrel I didn’t like
  • Grew up in a tent, most summers anyway
  • Moderate obsession with weather
  • Love all things international — cultures, languages, architectures
  • Easily mesmerized by color

At AIR I am our creative news angle developer, producer, mouthpiece and photographer, and our leader for discovering and sharing new beautiful, inspirational things.

Raised in soggy, cold but beautiful Washington state, I was born in between two brothers, so sports and the great outdoors were always part of the action. Over the years stories and writing (the arts generally, well really anything beautiful) are what I gravitated toward, leading me to communications as a profession early on. As I moved along in my career, reporters respected my keen nose for news which was honed through years of pitching creative story ideas. Writer, storyteller, strategist — I have earned my seasoned sensibility.

In former lives, I have developed communication solutions for companies including Yahoo, Autodesk, Intel, Boeing Company. While I’m very comfortable in the board room counseling the C-suite, it’s time to try a job that fits my current style of dressing, rather than the other way around. Current preferred shoe: Merrell Barefoot Pace Glove.

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