I am thrilled about my new partnership with SEARCH!

SEARCH is the archaeological services company . . . and they know a lot about storytelling. Do you know NatGeo’s successful series Drain the Oceans? Are you one of the 2 billion people who have seen NatGeo’s Clotilda: The Last American Slave Ship? Are you watching the search for Endurance at These are just a few of the projects SEARCH is involved with.

Years ago as part of a project on Easter Island I made my first appearance in a documentary film series Secret Worlds with Michael Arbuthnot. Today Mike is a VP at SEARCH. Mike and I starting brainstorming about how I could help SEARCH expand their services offerings with the technology I am familiar with and voila!

We are already well underway with a project that began in November of 2021 that I look forward to going public with – likely in May.

Getting to work alongside archaeologists is just about as good as it gets for me. Being able to assist in such important work is a bit of a dream come true.

As this is a partnership VCTO Labs and this blog will remain. For the vendors who have supported me nothing changes. I am still an independent contractor. The SEARCH partnership will simply help us put your tools in front of massive audiences.

A huge thank you to Mike and everyone at SEARCH. We are going to do amazing things together!

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