BSWWII Pearl Harbor – Behind the Scenes

First episode done, five more to go.  Thank you all for the kind words this morning.  Marty, the crew and I greatly appreciate it.

I think Marty’s line about my drone, “So where do you put the rockets and machines guns on this thing?” may be the best one-liner in the entire series.  The BirsdsEyeView FireFLY6 PRO is indeed an amazing drone.  It was the right tool for the airfield at Eva – a place I had never even heard of before.  Which brings up my favorite part of the entire experience . . . wow, did I learn a TON about WWII history.  I’ve always been fascinated with WWII.  I can remember my dad taking my brothers and I to see many classic WWII movies as a kid, the Life Magazine WWII hard cover books I would look at over and over that were in the house where I grew up, endless games of Army with brothers and cousins, building countless model airplanes, tanks, ships.  To spend five months with Marty, a professional, WWII historian, and the tireless researchers and crew travelling the world to actual WWII sites was the best.  What an amazing gift!

Furthermore, to spend time with experts Terry Kerby, Hans Van Tilburg, Brett Seymour, Scott Pawlowski, and Daniel Martinez . . . more gifts.  I just say, “Wow” a lot in such company – and it’s genuine!

The hologram table is such a great way to share the models.  I love that thing!  Running around on a beach with a 1:1 scale model of the USS Arizona as she is today was also an amazing idea.  I was so taken by it because I had hoped we could find a way of sharing the experience of diving the ship – something no one gets to do – with everyone.  What a great way to draw people to the story of the USS Arizona.  This was one of those scenes where I fought back tears.  There are some 900 sailors and marines entombed within the ship.  I like to think they would approve.

The team in front on the hologram table.
Hans treated the team to fabulous dinner at his home with his family. Such an amazing, generous guy. Thank you again my friend!
You can’t get on Marine Corps Base Hawaii without a lot of help from dedicated Marines. Semper Fi!
Pisces IV and V. Terry has the BEST toys!
Battery Pennsylvania at Marine Corps Base Hawaii. One of the turrets from the USS Arizona was placed here – an amazing story and worth a read. While this didn’t make it into the show, Marty, Scott Pawlowski, Adriane Truluck, and I were THRILLED to scan it. This site is part of a live fire impact area so is strictly off limits. Another gift.

4 thoughts on “BSWWII Pearl Harbor – Behind the Scenes

  1. Pete,
    Y’all, the entire crew created a wonderful show. I am so proud of all of y’all! Thank y’all for months of really hard work. I am here to tell y’all it was truly worth it.

  2. So I have to ask, Is the hologram table actually as stunning and detailed as it is on the show or is that “movie magic”?

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