Buried Secrets of WWII – Pearl Harbor


It’s fitting that NatGeo chose tonight to premiere our new series, Buried Secrets of WWII.  Yesterday, September 1st was of course the 80th anniversary of the beginning of WWII.

It is such an honor to reexamine several battles from WWII using technology I have been passionate about for so long.  What better way to invigorate these significant historical events than with the power of 3D?  Having spent a lot of time in the last few years with WWII veterans I can tell you what they hope for:  Remember what we did, what this was about, why something had to be done, and the cost.

Bravo to the National Geographic Channel for investing in content that promotes learning.  Buried Secrets of WWII is different.  Viewers are going to learn something and, I hope, feel something.  We use technology to attract viewers to some of the most important historical events in modern history.  Add the historical genius of my co-host and wonderful storyteller Marty Morgan, and we have something special.

I hope we have honored the WWII veterans and their families by telling their stories, by preserving their history and honoring their sacrifice.  These men and women answered the call and literally saved the world.  To retrace their footsteps on such hallowed ground and to contemplate their courage has been incredibly humbling and one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Tonight’s episode focusing on the attack of December 7, 1941 attack will feature terrestrial laser scanning, underwater photogrammetry, drone based multispectral imaging, and more.  I’ll share some behind the scenes stories and photos after the premiere.


All of us involved in the production (above) hope you enjoy Buried Secrets of WWII.

It takes a village.  What an honor it is to be part of this one.

Thank you Nathan for the email!

– Pete Kelsey

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