Part of the project team, Turret 1, USS Iowa

The first stage of the USS Iowa project is done.  Using 3x FARO scanners, 6x DJI sUAS (drones), and a team of 6 (Dave Tyner and Gregg Lagnese from Autodesk, Andy Holroyd and Russell White from HTS Advanced Solutions, Doug Wiedman from Sierra Skyworks and myself, Pete Kelsey with Carahsoft) we captured the entire exterior of the ship and all levels of turret 1.

Russell calibrating the compass on one of the DJI M600’s before the LiDAR flight

We will soon have registered point clouds from the terrestrial laser scanning and from the sUAS based LiDAR (and) a sUAS based photogrammetry mesh.

The spaces inside the turret are fascinating.  Some spacious, some extremely confined.  All of them covered in 70+ years of hydraulic oil and cosmoline.  Due to the hydraulic oil containing PCBs and California law regarding PCBs, we suited up in Tyvek and observed strict decontamination protocols upon entering and exiting the turret.

Dave, in harness and on belay, recons “the pit of death,” our name for this 5 deck drop to the bottom of turret 1
Gregg shooting 360 video on top of turret 1
Russell (l) and Doug (r) hang the LiDAR on a DJI M600
Andy, in full Tyvek, scanning a gun pit with a FARO s350.  The closed breech is at the top of the frame.  Note the red stripe painted on the left wall.  This indicates the distance the breech recoils when fired at various elevations.

The next phase is the modeling phase where we will convert this data into solid models.  Then the fun part . . . the creation of a virtual turret experience for the USS Iowa Museum.  More to come on that!

A preview of things to come courtesy of Nvidia’s Holodeck
  • Mike Getsher and his crew at the USS Iowa Museum were stellar.  Without the support of these dedicated men and women, all volunteers, this phase of the project would not have been possible.
  • A big thank you to the Port of Los Angeles staff who worked with us for weeks in advance to get permits, and required insurance for the sUAS flights.
  • Thank you to Scott Diaz and Jerry Hardy with FARO for all of the continued support!

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