A 16″/50 caliber gun turret

Another project involving the virtualization of things, this time a main battery turret on board the USS Iowa will begin in early December 2018. A team from Carahsoft, Autodesk, HTS Advanced Solutions, Sierra Skyworks, Nvidia and Unreal will laser scan and fly portions of the ship and ultimately create a virtual reality (VR) experience for the USS Iowa Museum.

Visitors to the museum are drawn to the 16”/50 caliber Mark 7 guns of the Iowa. These huge guns could hit targets at 24 miles with 2,700-pound shells! Due to confined spaces, numerous ladders, etc the turrets are off limits to visitors. That makes virtualizing the turrets the perfect solution to give visitors a look inside without having to enter the turret.

USS Iowa (BB-61)
USS Iowa fires her 16-inch/50 caliber guns on 15 August 1984 during a firepower demonstration after her modernization

We expect great things due to the amazing collection of technology and expertise the team will bring to include value beyond the original project scope. Operating / maintaining a ship and training sailors on a virtual ship are just a few of the opportunities we will explore with the data.

footerlogo  USS_Iowa_COA_2


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