The Last Missing WASP of WWII

OrcaGearI have been interested in this story for many years. At long last we were able to put together a team to search for Gertrude “Tommy” Tompkins and her P-51D Mustang. NDAs signed with the network prevent the discussion of the results of the search until FEB-MAR 2019. We are really looking forward to sharing results then!

3 thoughts on “The Last Missing WASP of WWII

  1. She is a distant relative 4th cousin or so its an interesting fact my uncle Lt J G Benjamin Vreeland is also missing but in a lake in Washington state his plane went down in 1949 so no one cares about him or the copilot since it was not during wartime…if you ever want to do a search in Washington state I can supply enough information to peak your interest….

      1. If you truly are interested the man to contact for all the info you could ask for is Shawn Murphy he is part of the website I included quite a bit more info then what was posted on that website

        and this is just for your info you dont need to post it

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