U.S. Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel

IMG_2841What an honor it has been to participate in a reality capture project at such an iconic place!  I led an Autodesk team that laser scanned, photographed and shot 4K video of the chapel both inside and out.  Much of the photography and video footage was shot from UAVs.

The chapel is in need of repair.  Water damage from 50 odd years of leaks has taken its toll on everything.  With the resulting data gathered from this effort we will be able to help the USAF determine how much the repairs will cost, how long they should take to make and even get a handle on expected energy usage and cost.

The USAFA staff could not have been more professional, helpful and enthusiastic.  Was I surprised when my flight officer slapped me on the back, shook my hand and said, “Congratulations, that completes the first ever commercial UAV flight at the USAF Academy.”  Much more to come as we pour through the data in the coming months.  Autodesk blog post HERE

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