The Reefs & Wrecks of Micronesia

What:     Measure and model a section of the reef,  the Lelu site, the Leonora shipwreck, Japanese WWII sites and shipwrecks, and more with LiDAR & SONAR

Where:   Kosrae and Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia

When:    October-November 2012

Who:      Knowledgewell, McKim & Creed,, HDR, Parsons, R2 Sonic

The reefs of Kosrae
Kosrae – The Island of the Sleeping Lady. Can you see her?
The pristene interior of Kosrae
Pete Kelsey diving Kosrae’s reefs
Computer Model of Kosrae
Truk Lagoon is littered with 50 or so Japanese shipwrecks from WWII
Truk Lagoon is a graveyard for many Japanese casualties
Shipwreck – Truk Lagoon, Chuuk, FSM

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