Rock Gardens on Easter Island

Sonia Haoa checking on the taro growing in an ancient rock garden – Easter Island

One of the most interesting discoveries made during the Easter Island project has to do with rock gardens.  Sonia Haoa has proven that what were believed to arbitrary fields of stones were actually ancient gardens for growing taro, etc. on the island.  While most were studying the moai, how they were made, transported, etc., Sonia decided to look into something far more important to the history of the island and the Rapa Nui people.  How did they feed themselves as the trees were disappearing?  With no trees, there were no materials to make canoes to fish with.  With no fish, they ate all the birds.  When the birds were gone they had to adapt or die.  Rock gardens were the answer.  Some have referred to this discovery as the most significant in the last ten years.

Taro growing out of a pile of rocks. Amazing.
Now THAT is some healthy taro. Pete is 6’4″ by the way . . .



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